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It had been a few years since we had chickens and we both found we really missed them.  So we ordered a custom made coop from Coops For A Cause
and began to think about what types of chickens to get.  Scott has always been partial to bantys since his grandfather had them when he was a kid, so we decided to find some bantys.  We have a nice incubator that we got several years ago but had never used, and thought it would be a cool thing to hatch some eggs.
Ebay to the rescue!  I bought a dozen purebred cochin banty eggs from a lady in Arkansas.  With shipping it cost  $40.  The eggs arrived in perfect condition and I placed them in the incubator.
She sent 15 eggs, and each egg was marked with initials to designate what type of banty from which it came.
The eggs were set up on March 14th and incubation began.  I was told to use the program for hatching regular chicken eggs, but had read that often bantys will hatch a day or two sooner.  Chicken eggs take 21 days to hatch, so hatch day was expected on April 4th or possibly a day or two sooner.  I candled the eggs and thought all but 1 were fertile.
On the night of April 2nd, I started to see a few eggs moving!   When we got up at 6 AM the next morning,
I immediately went to the incubator and found two chicks had hatched!  I had to go tend to the birds, and when I came back to check again there were three!
I took the picture above at that point.
Normally I rarely go anywhere, but this day I had an appointment to get my car inspected so had to leave the hatching.  When I got home, there were five or six chicks. This picture was taken when six were hatched and one more was quite a ways along in the process.   Are they cute or what?!
Of the 15 eggs, there were actually 2 infertile.
10 hatched and 3 were dead in shell for whatever reason.
In the pix above, the chicks are in the brooder we made
and are 1 day old.
We ended up with the following:
3 Mille Fleur Cochins
4 Silver Laced Cochins
1 Blue Cochin
1 Splash Cochin
and 1 Black Cochin
The chicks are so cute!
April 5, 2014: Chicks above are now 2 days old.
April 6, 2014: All 10 chicks are shown above and are
now 3 days old.  What a beautiful mix of colors.
They are all eating and drinking well and nice and clean
and fluffy.  Our chicks in the past were either sent through the mail or bought locally at a hardware store.  In either case, they were subjected to the horrors of a USPS trip!
I believe these kids hatched out here and lovingly
handled have been spared a lot of trauma.
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Anita M. Golden
~All Rights Reserved~
Above is a video I put together of the hatching of one of the last chicks.
April 7, 2014: The kids are now just 4 days old but I see feathers coming in on wings already!
April 8, 2014: 5 days old already!
4 of these kids have wing feathers - flight feahthers - over an inch long.  Since they were all born on the same day but not all have these long feathers, I wonder if these could be roosters???   It will be interesting to see.
April 9, 2014: 6 days old!
Doing some research today I read that the long wing feathers may actually mean those are hens, not roosters.
That might mean only 4 hens, so I hope it's not so.