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April 10, 2014: The chicks are one week old today!
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April 11, 2014: The cuties are 8 days old today.  We put a perch in the brooder last night and a few of them have managed to perch on it, briefly!  So cute.
April 12, 2014: They're getting big!  9 days old today.
April 13, 2014: The bantams are 10 days old already!  That sure flew by.
Look at all the feathers on the feet of the two nearest the camera.  Really neat!
April 14, 2014: We had to put something over the top of the brooder because we were afraid the kids would manage to fly out.  We're using a couple wrought iron grates that go to a parrot cage and it works well.  I finally managed to get a picture of a couple kids on the perch!  Isn't that cool?  The kids are really getting a lot of feathers, too.  They are 11 days old today.
April 15, 2014: The chicks are 12 days old and have really grown a lot!
We held them tonight but you have to chase them down now to get hold of them.
Once you do, they are pretty calm, but they no longer just stand there while you reach in - they scatter.   :)
April 16, 2014:  These are definitely the cutest chicks ever!  Look at all the feathers coming in!  I wish they were all hens because it's going to be hard to
give the extra roosters away because they are all so pretty. 
They will be two weeks old tomorrow already!