Born Oct. 7,8,9,10 2014
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The babies were pulled for handfeeding on October 25th,
when they were 15 to 18 days old.
The parents had done an excellent job on this first clutch.
The kids were pulled at 2:30 in the afternoon, but were so stuffed
I had to wait till just before bed to give them their first feeding.
This is the oldest baby, after his first feeding.
He weighed in (before feeding) at 28 grams.
Baby #2 weighed in at 20 grams before feeding.
Baby #3 weighed 18 grams.
Baby #4 weighed in at 20 grams.

All kids ate fairly well, but their crops are so small
I'll be starting them offwith 5 feedings per day,
at 7 AM, 11 AM, 3 PM, 7 PM, and 11 PM.
Here's the happy little group after their feeding.
They really are cuties, though it does seem odd feeding such small babies after getting used to the Timnehs.  :)
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