Born Dec. 8, 2014
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Dec. 8, 2014:  The first chick has hatched of the blue parrotlets' second clutch!
You can see the little fuzzball sticking out from under Mom's left wing.
Dec. 10, 2014: Second egg hatched!
Dec. 11, 2014: I believe we now have three!
Dec. 12, 2014: I *think* the shell you see on her right side is a partial shell and there may be another baby.  I wish Mom would move so I could really get a look.
She's a very good and attentive Mom, that's for sure.
Dec. 13, 2014: I still think there are four kids but I haven't been able to get a look with Mom out of the nest yet.
Dec. 14, 2014: Mom let me have a little better look today, but still haven't caught her out of the box.  I'm not sure she ever leaves.  In a few more days I should be able to see what she has.  I'm still guessing four kids.
Dec. 16, 2014: That's got to be the oldest baby there at the top.  Eyes are open and he is 8 days old today.  I need to band him, so I hope Mom gets out of that nest soon!