(hatched July 2015)


I set up three pairs of parrotlets in the birdroom on June 5, 2015.

The cages were set up one over the other, with the top pair

being a new pair of pied parrotlets (hen green and male blue)

that had never been bred,

the middle pair being a green hen and what appears to be a

dilute turquoise male, and the bottom pair being my blues.

First eggs hatched on July 7th.



July 11, 2015:  This is the pied green hen in the top cage.  No baby visible though I did see a chick in the process of hatching on the 7th and do see a broken shell here.
July 11, 2015:  This is the hen of the middle pair and several babies can be seen.  This pair are extremely protective of their kids and are not happy when I open the box to peek.
July 11, 2015: And finally, the bottom pair, my little blues.  These were my first parrotlets and I LOVE the color.  Look at the blue on the rump of that male!  Judging from the looks of things, they are being very prolific just as they were on thei

 The next pictures were taken a couple days later, on the 13th.

Top mom, again with no kid(s) showing but I can see a piece of eggshell.
I LOVE this picture of the middle pair! See how pretty the Dad is!  But look at the pile of babies under Mom's breast!  Isn't that the coolest thing ever?!
Here is my blue Mom, being very protective as always. With this pair, the Dad comes out of the box and right to the food dish whenever I'm in the room.  He can't wait to get new food and stuff himself and then race back to the box.


July 14, 2015: Here is the pied pair, with Mom on the left.  Dad is a very pretty blue pied.  They have not had kids before so I don't know if either of them are dominant pied or not.  I'm hopeful they do have kids because I am very fond of pied mutations in any birds.
July 14, 2015:  Mom of the middle pair is again being very protective as is Dad who you can't see, but believe me, he's in there telling me to take a hike!
July 14, 2015:  Blue Mom with at least five kids visible.


July 15, 2015:  Pied pair and finally a baby can be seen!  Since this is their first attempt I will be very thankful to end up with even a single baby from them.   
July 15, 2015: The middle pair's Mom, again with babies on display and getting quite large.
July 15, 2015: Blue Mama and her brood.


July 16, 2015: Pied Mom with baby visible and I am relieved to see he has food in his crop.
July 16, 2015: Mom and Dad and babies between them; the middle pair are doing a great job!

July 16, 2015: I see a huge difference in size between that one baby whose head is at the far left, compared to the tiny little head just to his right!  Good parents will see that each baby is fed, no matter the size.








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