Betty and BB

Turquoise Hen and Blue Male


first egg hatched 9/26/18


Picture above was taken 9/17/18.  Betty had 5 eggs, 3 of which were fertile.
9/19/18: Betty and BB (above) sitting together
9/26/18: I see a piece of shell all the way to the left in the pic above!
9/26/18: First Baby!  What a cutie, and I see food in the crop, too.  So far, so good.
9/27/18: Baby number 2 has made an appearance!  Both kids look good.  Fingers crossed.
9/27/18: Another shot of the two babies with both mom (closest to the babies) and dad.
9/28/18: Still two kids (above).  The older one has a nice full crop, but the younger one looks empty or nearly empty.  I have things going on that I can't pull these kids early, so I'm hoping not to lose either or both.  In the end, it always comes down to the parents and how well they do.  Sometimes even though they've been great parents previously, they don't do such a great job.  I'm still hopeful, but don't like this empty crop situation.
9/29/18: Still 2 kids, but they are looking better today.
9/29/18: Hoping that third fertile egg will still hatch.
9/30/18: Both kids still looking pretty good and I see food in the younger's crop.
10/1/18: Both kids still looking good!
10/2/18: Both kids have food in their crops, so we're still looking good!  IF that 3rd egg hatches now, there will be an awfully big difference between it and these two.  Not usually a good thing.
10/3/18: Still looking great, but still no third baby.  Older baby is one week old today.









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