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aka Spot
DOB June 22, 2009
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Spot is now 3 years old.  He is an absolutely wonderful dog.
Beautiful, loving, full of life and spunk, and he LOVES "his" people
more than anything in the world!
After we had him I read this about chihuahuas - that they often want nothing to do
with strangers and feel most content and happy when their family is around.
This fits Spot perfectly.  When I bring him to the vets he melts into my arms and wants nothing to do with anyone around him.
If anyone comes to the house, he goes bananas defending his turf!
He loves his people and that's all he needs!

Not long before he turned 1 year old, Spot *posed* for this
lovely picture.

He is such a cutie!

Spot sees his *brother* every other weekend and just the mention that Alex is here will send him racing to the door!

Spot LOVES to wrap himself around the back of your neck, as he's doing here on Alex.
We long ago gave up on the UGODog indoor potty system.
Spot wanted to go OUT to potty, so I finally stopped fighting it and he was housebroken very quickly by letting him go out in his little fenced yard.
Having had four poms, none of which was completely, totally housebroken,
makes me especially impressed with how quickly and well Spot learned.
He is a very smart dog.

He can also be a bit bitey and rambunctious and we've found that two cans securely connected and with some small rocks or a half dozen nails inside really gets his attention when shaken, and stops him in his tracks.
As smart as he is, it takes just a touch of the can to remind him now.

Spot is a huge part of the family, more so than any dog we've ever had before.  He loves his family a lot, and the feeling is mutual.
My baby!
Spot loves *daddy*, too!
When he hears him get home from work he goes nuts till Scott picks him up and loves on him a bit.
And of course there are the required