Oct. 8, 2009
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Anita M. Golden
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Spot's honorary Grammy came through for him in a big way and sent him all kinds of adorable doggie duds!
With the help of his daddy, we tried all of his new clothes on and even managed to get some pictures.  Not sure how long some of these will last with Spotticus and his penchant for chewing everything in sight, but they sure are cute on him!
These little sweaters are nice and warm!
The collar on the one on the right is adorable, but I suspect he'll want to grab that and chew it to smithereens!
Beautiful pose!
This one would be super warm on him.  How long would that collar last??
I really like this style and they fit him really well, too.  Because they don't have leg holes they are also much easier to put on him.  I also think the part that is over his chest lays down pretty flat so might escape the teeth a bit longer.
A nice fit, and it keeps his back warm, too.
Love the color of this one on him, but the belly band is *almost* back to the "danger zone" and it also was harder to put on.
Very stylish camo vest!
A very nice fit.
I LOVE this one, but it just barely fits his chubby tummy!
I think I might add a little elastic...
This little froggy applique vest is adorable, but also barely fits around his tummy.
He's like a soft little lamb with this one on!  Nice fit and this would keep him toasty if I have to bring him out.
So cute!  A snug fit right now, but again, I think adding a bit of elastic where the bands meet might make an easy fix.
He's quite the little fashionista!