Second Clutch
of Timneh Babies!
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The fourth egg was checked when the baby was found dead, and it had died at some point near hatching. 

So two it is!

They were pulled the night of February 23rd, with the intention that they will be empty and ready for their first handfeeding by morning.  I love this part!  Handfeeding is a joy for me.
The first baby of the second clutch of timnehs hatched on February 10th, 2009.
Another baby hatched the 12th.
There were two more fertile eggs, and one more began to hatch on the night of the 16th.  He was completely hatched the next morning, but oh so small compared to his older siblings.  He died a few days later, looking fine but with an empty crop.  Hind sight is 20-20, so of course I wish I'd pulled him or perhaps the older two immediately upon his hatching.  I never want to jump in too quickly, though, and prefer to let the parents do their thing.
The Aviquarium with the babies in the container on the left.  The other container is always clean and ready to go so that after feeding they have a warm container ready in which to be placed.
They really are adorable!
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Feb. 24, 2009:
First day of handfeeding is
going very well. 
I will be referring to these babies as #04 and #05 since they will eventually be banded with those numbers. 
So for vital stats:
#04 is 14 days old and  78 grams
and #05 is 12 days old and 66 grams.

They seem to be on a 2 1/2 hour schedule right now.
Feb. 25, 2009:
#04, 15 days old, 82 grams
#05, 13 days old, 68 grams
Feb. 26, 2009:
Feb. 27, 2009:
Feb. 28, 2009:
Babies are doing really great!
Oldest is now 18 days and is up to 106 grams; 
younger baby is 16 days and
88 grams.
March 1, 2009:

Growing like weeds!

Oldest (on the left) is 19 days old and now 116 grams;

Youngest is 17 days and 96 grams.