Timneh Babies!
Born March 2012
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03/25/12:  Picture above shows the newest clutch of baby Timneh African Grey babies.  The first was hatched on March 21st, and the second was hatched four days later, today.  So in this picture, the older chick is 4 days old.  I don't think the third egg is going to hatch.  Although it appeared fertile early on, it seemed way behind the others and now really looks off.
03/28/12: This is mom, Ziggy, taking excellent care of her little ones - as usual.
03/29/12:  I was able to get a nice picture of the babies today. Older baby is nearest the egg, and is 8 days old today.  The younger sibling is 4 days old. 
They look great!
03/30/12: Kids are getting big!  Oldest chick is 9 days old today; younger chick is 5 days old.
03/31/12: The kids area so cozy together!  How sweet are they?!
Older chick is 10 days old; younger chick is 6 days old.
04/01/12: I couldn't believe I was lucky enough to get a picture of Ziggy actually feeding one of her chicks!  How very tender she is!  Very cool.
Kids are 11 and 7 days old.
04/02/12: When I look into the box now they are a handful!  Growing really well.
12 and 8 days old today.  Probably will pull them for handfeeding on the 4th.
04/03/12: This is probably their last day in the nestbox.  I will probably pull them tomorrow when the older chick is 2 weeks old and the younger will be 10 days.
They're looking good.  Nice size, good color.  Looking forward to feeding them!!