Timneh Clutch
Born November 15, 16, 19, and 21 of 2014
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Nov. 15, 2014:  My wonderful Timneh parents, Ziggy and Paco, hatched their first chick of this clutch today!   Ziggy was good enough to actually move off of him, ever so carefully, so that I might take a picture.  She has two more fertile eggs and I also gave one of her fertile eggs to my Congo pair, Ruby and Cosmo.  They have yet to produce a fertile egg for me, though they are a wonderful pair that get along fabulously.  So I thought it might help to give them the opportunity to hatch an egg.  She's had the fertile egg for a week now and it's still alive and "talking" to Ruby, which I think is giving her encouragement.  So my fingers are crossed for more babies hatching.
Nov. 16, 2014:  Today Ruby hatched out the timneh egg I had given her.  Unfortunately she did not feed the baby.  I gave her every opportunity, even giving the baby a drop of formula to elicit some peeping in the hopes that it would engage her motherly instincts.  By mid-afternoon it was apparent that Ruby was not going to feed.  So I made the decision to give the baby back to its real mom and dad.  However, Ziggy was not exactly cooperating.  Finally I used a fishnet to encourage her to back away from her own chick and remaining eggs, which she did.  I used the net between her and the baby to give me a clear shot at putting the other baby in the box.  When I did this, she attacked the net with a vengeance.  In the process, she managed to get a toenail or two hung up in the net. 
I was afraid her thrashing around would end up hurting the babies, so I lifted the net and her out of the box and onto the floor.  Scott put on some heavy gloves and held her body while I disentangled her from the net, and then placed her back into the cage.  She did finally go back in the nest within about ten minutes, but then an hour or so later I checked on them and she was out sitting on a perch.
Oh no!  I gave them some beans/rice/veggies and then she went back in the box.
At this point I'm nervous that this whole episode messed things up, so I'm going to be checking on her to make sure she is feeding both babies.  There are still two fertile eggs in there as well.
Sometimes the gambles don't work out the way we hope.
Nov. 17, 2014: I was a little apprehensive this morning, thinking I might find dead babies.  I got the birds all cleaned and fed and watered and then gave a little tap on the box and told Ziggy that Mama was going to take a peek.  I opened the box slowly and was happy to see Ziggy in her usual position of covering both babies and remaining eggs completely.  I asked her if I could take a look and she finally backed away and gave me this look above.  Both babies were alive and kicking.
I didn't even try to see if there was food in the crops; I'm trusting that Ziggy is a good mom and as long as she is brooding them she should also be feeding.  :)
Nov. 18, 2014: The kids are now 2 and 3 days old and Ziggy is doing a great job as usual.  Such cute little fluffballs!
Nov. 19, 2014:  A third baby hatched out this afternoon!  Ziggy has rarely done well with more than two kids, and only once did three make it to be pulled for handfeeding (which I do pretty early at 10 to 14 days of age as the average).
I will keep my fingers crossed that all 3 of these make it.  The last egg may still be viable, too, since they were all fertile.  How exciting that would be!
Nov. 20, 2014: Three babies still alive and kicking!  Babies are 1, 4, and 5 days old.
Nov. 21, 2014:  The fourth baby hatched today!  That's a first for this pair.
My fingers are crossed that all four make it till it's time to pull them
for handfeeding.