Those of you who follow my pictorial “diaries” of each clutch of timnehs know that I invest a lot of time into these kids and it's a true labor of love.  We do everything we can to nurture happy, healthy babies that are as easy-going as possible – babies that are used to change and do not fear it.  Greys have a reputation as tending to be a bit neurotic, and the goal is to make the babies as well-adjusted as we possibly can.  If you will read the testimonials, you will see that we do very well in that respect.  So to find that one of my babies, having left here as a very well-adjusted and happy bird, is now acting in such a way that the owner basically gave up on him is very disturbing.

Birds have long memories.  They are not like dogs.  If you step on a dog's paw he will yelp but forgive you immediately.  If you accidentally harm a bird in some way, you may find that the bird that loved you a minute ago is now very leery of you and no longer trusts you.  The way you handle this could mean the difference between the sweet, loving pet you are used to and a bird you can no longer handle.

If something happens to really upset your bird, you may need to go back to square one.  Go back to slow movements and winning him over with treats.  One of the things I do with my kids is to spend time feeding them things by hand – whether it be soaked weaning pellets or bits of their Beans/Rice/Veggie mix.  This is a great bonding experience, and I encourage all new owners to continue this.  So if something happens and your bird is suddenly fearful, you must again regain his confidence and this one-on-one feeding by hand will be a big help in doing so.  Again, think in terms of how you started out with your new bird on day one - slow and easy and doing everything you could to gain his trust.  It may only take a day or two to regain his confidence, or it may take weeks.  But it's important to get the relationship back to being a good one.

Please, if there is EVER a problem, get in touch with me!!!  Let us formulate a plan to get things back on track before the situation escalates.  I love these kids and do not want any of them to end up dropped off at a pet shop or passed from home to home because they are suddenly out of control. 
PLEASE get in touch,
and let's work together to fix the problem! 
If you're not willing to do this, then please get your baby
from someone else.

*As a nice little footnote to this story, I did hear a few weeks later that the grey was taken home by another employee and was doing very well.  He was stepping up again and had no more flipping out episodes in the week or so she'd had him.

A few months later I was contacted and told that the bird had some sort of seizure and died in the arms of the employee that had taken over his care.
A very sad end for a bird that had such a good start.  The only saving grace is
knowing he was happy and doing well at the end.