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On 6/17/18, Angela F. of Brattleboro, VT wrote:


Nita is such a caring, loving breeder and clearly raises her babies in the most homey, clean, and knowledgable environment. When we went to pick up our English Budgie kids she was warm, friendly and open about the different personalities and characteristics of each of her available baby birds. We decided on 2 little English Budgies and we couldn't be happier with them. They are VERY tame and sweet. They love to come out of their cage and just hang out with us multiple times a day. They aren't nervous or flighty at all like pet store birds can be. They clearly received the most gentle, loving care while being hand raised. Thank you Nita for our beautiful, special babies. We love them so much. They are wonderful pets because you raised them so lovingly. I highly recommend Nita to anyone thinking about the types of birds she raises. You will be impressed by how clean and beautiful her babies and their cages are kept, and how friendly and welcoming she is to each of her potential birdie parents.




On 5/3/18, Steve K. of Laconia NH wrote:

My experience with my getting to know you and the purchase of Alex has been nothing short of magnificent. You truly genuinely car for your kids (birds) as if they were your own. The commitment, love and care you have given my new African grey (Alex) before I picked him up was unbelievable and it shows in every aspect of his behavior . I would not go anywhere else to purchase a bird so, in short, my hat is off to you. You're surely one of a kind .

PS Alex thanks you too !!!! 

Best Steve



4/30/18: Elaina S. from MA. picked up a handfed budgie a few days prior and had this to say:

My new budgie is doing very well and has a clean bill of health from the vet! He seems to be adjusting to his new home quite quickly and is eating very well. I've taken him out of his cage a couple times and he is so sweet and nice! I can't wait to introduce him to my old budgie next month when his quarantine is finished. He seems to be just as sweet and friendly as the first budgie I adopted from you so I'm hopeful they'll be good friends. :)



9/11/17: Katelyn Peterson from Epping, NH wrote:

I recently purchased 2 hand fed budgie boys from Nita. They are awesome. Very social as far as budgies go. We love these boys and their antics are so much fun to watch. Would definitely recommend.



On 6/14/17, Joan Girolamo, from Medford MA., wrote:

I recently brought home two beautiful budgie brothers from Nita's Nest. Nita's Nest is everything you should look for in a breeder. Clean, safe environment and birds that are well fed and cared for individually by Nita. The Nita's Nest website is informative with beautiful pictures. And, this is very fun - a Diary is updated daily so you can watch your baby grow from egg to fully feathered bird. Nita is very knowledgeable about her birds, she will guide you through the process from setting up a cage with appropriate toys and perches to important feeding tips and care after your new bird is in your home. Nita promises she is an email away for any questions you may have and this is the truth! Nita has replied to all my questions immediately with a detailed answer. I loved to find that Nita is thoughtful about which birds get along best together and that the cages have toys galore and plenty of food. While they are waiting for their forever homes, her "kids" are treated as treasured pets. I am more than satisfied with my total experience and I'm so glad that I found Nita's Nest!



On 5/29/17, Jennifer B. of Merrimack, NH had this to say about her new parrotlet:

Mavrik aka #116 is getting to know her boy and he is over the moon. He said she is the best birthday present, EVER! ?? and I totally agree! Thank you Nita! All your babies are adorable.



On 5/29/17, Christina Lamper of Manchester, NH wrote:

The absolute finest breeder. The care and welfare of her "kids" is the top most priority. I would highly recommend to anyone. You not only bring a fabulous new feathered friend into your family, you bring a lifetime of experience and knowledge as well, since Nita is available for when you have questions, whether it is next week or next year.




I found Nita's site after searching for the the perfect breeder to purchase my next hand fed Budgie from. Nita is wonderful! I loved that I was able to see daily post on how all of the kids were doing once they hatched. She was constantly keeping in touch, and keeping me updated. We ended up going with a beautiful male Budgie who we named Levi. He is such a sweet boy and is healthy and happy!! He sings and swings all day long and is so playful and acrobatic. He's just a joy to have and to watch!!  

Kimberly Grande



Elaina South, of Billerica, MA. had this to say after purchasing one of my handfed budgies:

I took my budgie to the vet this morning and she is perfectly healthy!  She seems to be adjusting well and is eating, playing, and chirping a little more each day.  I couldn't be more thrilled to have her!



I have one of  Nita's handfed budgies: a male blue spangle called Irwin (from 'Smokey' - English hen cross with American male - 'Sapphire').  What an acrobat  hanging upside down from perches and having a good time in his flight cage with his English budgie friends.  Super healthy bird.

                                                                                                                                     Kim T.

                                                                                                                                      Contoocook, NH




I have been searching for a long time for a Timneh African Grey. I was so lucky to find Nita. She and her husband put so much time and effort into raising the babies. They are friendly and sweet. You can tell that they are absolutely loved. Frankie came to me with no reservations and he is so sweet and adorable. Nita is so helpful and she really cares and adores the birds that she raises. I would recommend Nita to anyone that is looking for a companion bird. Nita you are the best !

                                                                                                                Lajuan from NY


8/24/16: Laura of Groton, MA. picked up a lovely handfed budgie here and had this to say:

"I enjoyed meeting you so much, thank you for raising up Pippin so he could come be our friend!"

 and this...

"I connected with Nita online during my search for a hand fed budgie. I was looking for a bird with a certain personality to become a companion for a very shy bird. She sent me photos and I was certain that I had found the bird I was looking for. I appreciate that she took the time and effort required to hand raise budgies."



I was looking for someone who was breeding and hand raising little Parrotlets, in the Ma, NH area. I came across Nita's web site. She was just the person I was looking for.
A breeder that cared enough not to ship a tiny baby and wanted to meet the person her birds would live with.
Nita and her husband are two very,very nice people. They are clean and do a fantastic job hand raising the baby birds. Just the kind of people you want your baby to start out with.
She sent me daily pic of my girls, I purchased two very beautiful blue Parrotlet babies, that are as sweet as their breeders. And of course it was love at first site.
I would recommend anyone to purchase from these people , they do a GREAT job, and know all there is to birds.
From Shirley Ma.                                  (Tinkerbell, left, and Gabby, right, in pic below)         



May 17, 2016
April, from Gorham, NH, gave me this update after buying one of my young male gouldians:
The gouldian is doing fine.  He's a happy little guy and sings all the time.  Thank you again for a great bird! 
James and Shelby Wring, of Farmington, NH (handstampedgiftshop@gmail.com) had this to say about their Timneh African Grey, Tracker, on 1/24/16:

For 14 weeks we watched as our cute little fluff-ball grew into the most handsome Timneh grey! Nita and Scott devoted months of time and effort to raising Tracker and we could not be more thankful! Nita was able and willing to answer all of our questions from the day we inquired about Tracker to the day we brought him home. With decades of experience, Nita's handfeeding methods are tried and true! Once again, she has raised a sweet boy who loves to be held and isn't afraid to explore new foods, toys or environments! I'd recommend Nita to anyone looking for a feathered friend! Thanks again, Nita!

*Attached are photos of Tracker as a 4 day old fluff-ball and Tracker at 15 weeks old!*

Janice Whalen, from Quincy Ma., recently brought home one of our parrotlets and had this to say on 11/29/15:

I am the lucky owner of #15, Snoopy. He is the best bird that I have ever been owned by. He has no fear, yet he is a polite little guy and likes us to scratch his head and neck for hours. He is an adorable little clown and you can be sure that his brothers have been raised the same way and will be loved by anyone who is lucky enough to buy them.  Thanks so much, Nita!


Sept. 24, 2015:
Ellen from Lynn, Ma. had this to say:
I met Nita about a year ago in my search for Gouldian finches.  I had been on the hunt and she was the only person I found in  my "area" (I use that term loosely, as she is still 3 hours driving away from my home town). I found a few other sites, but she was the only one that actually answered me.  Her and I went back and forth in email, and in learning how far away I was from her, she made me an offer to meet her at a bird show.... which was about half way between her and I.  I went to the bird show, and got my THREE Beautiful Gouldians.  They were about 7 months old, and obviously very WELL cared for.  I am still with those 3 birds, and love the beautiful color, and lovely song they bring into my home every day. 
I kept in touch with Nita throughout the months after getting my Gouldians for follow ups on how they were doing, but also because birds are like drugs.   Once you get a taste, you can't stop!!! More addictive than pistachios!!! LOL  So I mentioned to her in passing that I was considering going in the way of a hookbill (I have 9 finches) And I didn't want a parakeet, I was thinking a Tiel.  She told me all the wonderful things about Tiels, but unfortunately told me she no longer breeds them, BUT she tells me she does have a trio of Parrotlet pairs she is going to try to breed in the summer.... I had never heard of a parrotlet, so she told me they were lovely little birds, GREAT for a first time hookbill owner, and if the pairing of her birds turned into clutches she would let me know... Well, her pairs had those clutches.  I did my research on parrotlets and was SOLD.  I told her I definitely wanted one because after dealing with her, I didn't want to buy from a pet store again, I'd rather go through breeders from now on... and what I meant by that, was I'd rather go through Nita's Nest.  I got to watch my bird from Egg to nekkhid hatchling, pin feathered hatchling, to fledgling.  She journaled their entire lives, WHILE hand feeding 12, yes TWELVE "kids". I also got to pick my new baby by looking on her website.  I chose my baby, and when he was ready I made the trek, 3 hour drive to see her and pick up my new kid.  I must say, I am so happy I found Nita.  She is one of the most caring and dedicated people I've ever known when it comes to her "kids"  She takes care of her babies so well, that still when I play her voice from a youtube video or what have you, my baby starts freaking out looking for her, you can honestly see the LOVE he has for her in his eyes, it's quite endearing actually.  I now own the love of my life, thanks to Nita and her Nest.  She is so knowledgeable, and always I mean ALWAYS available for ANY question or concern I have.  I wil NEVER get a bird from ANYWHERE other than Nita's Nest.  She is so good to her kids, and AWESOME to her customers, she treats me like family, and all I've done is buy a couple of her kids!  I recommend anyone wanting a bird go to Nita, and anyone on the fence, or wondering what kind of bird they should get, if you're leaning to the hookbill family I recommend starting with a Parrotlet, and not just any Parrotlet, a Nita's Nest Parrotlet!!!  Thanks Nita, you are the best!!!!
Sept. 17, 2015:
I recently brought my male blue parrotlet home. He is just the cutest. Everyday he is getting more sociable and comfortable with me. I believe that is because of Nita. She amazes me. I followed the diary for these kids and got to see their growth. I couldn't wait to bring my little guy home who I named Pip. Whenever I had a question about his care, Nita was prompt to respond. She is so dedicated to her birds and wants the best for them. So thankful to find her online.
Kingston N.H.

We could not be more delighted with our little Joey, the world's best looking and smartest parrotlet. I began my hunt for a parrotlet last year after having Amazon's in the past. I had read about them and they sounded like an intelligent and fun bird. Well, after much searching I came upon Nita' s Nest. After contacting Nita and communicating with her (make that driving this wonderful woman crazy with my incessant questions) I decided to purchase from Nita.

Without a doubt the absolute best decision of my life. Joey has been home about 2 weeks now and it is so obvious that he was raised with love, and kindness. He already knew the step up command and had a great personality. All of that comes from the love and care put into these little guys by Nita and her husband, Scott

I cannot thank you two enough and to all of you thinking of purchasing a bird, you cannot go wrong with any bird from Nita' s Nest!!
Carolyn from Salem, NH
A couple from Maine had this to say on 3/11/15:
To Whom it May Concern:
We recently bought our African Grey from Nita Golden. We couldn't have found a more caring, responsible person to purchase our new baby bird from. She is extremely knowledgeable and you can always ask her questions. She's always answered all my concerns. I highly trust Nita.
P. and B. St.Jean
Jan. 31, 2015, Jess from Nashua, NH said...
I drove almost 2 hours to pick up a parrotlet, and it was well worth it.  I was surprised by how friendly they were, and how much they clearly loved people.  It was incredibly difficult to choose just one as they all were so sweet!  I ended up bringing home a female, and she has been an absolute joy to have around. She's a smart, spunky social butterfly who is as curious as she is affectionate.
Nita herself is very communicative, and was kind enough to follow-up with me regarding how my little lady was adjusting. You can really tell how much she cares about her birds.  It certainly shows in their personalities. 
Jan. 31, 2015, Joe and Julie of Essex Junction, VT, had this to say:
After doing extensive Internet research, we decided that a parrotlet was the perfect bird for us as novice bird owners. When looking for a breeder in the New England area, we came upon Nita's Nest and we're so glad we did. We are now one week into having our baby Pacific blue parrotlet, Dauber, as part of our family. He's sweet, loving, and so comfortable with us already. It's very apparent that he was lovingly handled and raised. Nita was not only great with Dauber but was also very helpful with our myriad questions. I wouldn't hesitate to visit Nita's Nest again should we be looking for another feathered friend or to recommend Nita. Thank you!
Jan. 21, 2015, Brendon had this to say about his experience buying a blue parrotlet from me...
It was well worth the 3+ hour drive to meet Nita and her 'kids.' Everyone had such a great personality from being carefully handled, making it tough to leave with just one. We would highly recommend giving Nita a visit if you're looking to add a feathered friend to your family, big or small.
Brendon - S. Gardiner, ME.
Jan. 21, 2015, Kelley had this to say about her new blue parrotlet...
We bought our darling parrotlet girl and instantly she was so easy to handle, happy, relaxed, active, and healthy.  She has been a joy, and we are excited to wait and see what she mimics over the years.  Thank you for giving us this great experience.  She is absolutely beautiful!
Kelley - Portsmouth, N.H.
May 25, 2014, Roxy's new Mom had this to say:
Finding Nita's Nest online was an answer to a prayer and brought an angel named Roxy into our home.  We are so grateful to Nita and Scott for raising such a beautiful baby and for being willing to share her with us.
After the tragic passing of our beloved 16-year-old Timneh, my first online search for greys took me to a captivating photo of two baby African Greys in NH.  It  reminded me so much of our grey's baby pictures that I wrote a note to Nita telling her about our loss and thanking her for sharing her photo journal.  She wrote back the very next day and offered words of comfort and encouragement.  Over the next several days, I became hooked on visiting her website each night to see her daily photo posts and, by Sunday (Easter), I was convinced that Roxy was the answer to my prayers.   Nita gave me her blessing to adopt her if I could persuade my husband -- a non-trivial task since we live in NC, "only" a 15 hour drive from Nita's Nest in Groton, NH.
Well, I'm delighted to report that Roxy is now a Carolina girl!  Although he described our trip to NH as "probably the craziest thing we'd ever done," my husband and I made the trek to NH a couple of weeks later.  Nita was wonderful in working with us to plan the trip and provided turn by turn instructions to Groton.  She and her husband, Scott, welcomed us into their home and spent over an hour introducing us to Roxy.  It was clear from the first time that Roxy stepped up on our hands and "asked" for a head rub that she was extremely well socialized.  Her interactions with both Nita and Scott were a testament to the loving care with which they had raised her.  Having never seen a grey in flight, we watched in awe as Roxy demonstrated her ability to fly gently between them.  Nita lovingly packed Roxy's bags for the trip south, and Scott helped my husband move her cage into the back seat of our rental car.  They waved good-bye to her with emotions similar to those of parents proudly sending their child away to attend a distant college.
Roxy was a great traveler and has brought happy grey sounds back into our NC home.  Her new vet pronounced her in perfect health and confirmed that that she had been raised by a caring breeder.  Roxy is gentle and loving with each of us, but absolutely fearless in her interactions with any new toy or food that we introduce to her.  She is content playing in her cage, but jumps with joy whenever we approach to take her out.   She has rapidly adjusted to the rhythms of our household, and we can't wait to hear her "voice" when she gets a bit older.  We feel very blessed to have found such a perfect companion.  Although we hope that Roxy outlives us so that we never need to adopt again, we would return to NH in a heartbeat for another of Nita's babies.   
Signed -- Roxy's New Mom, Charlotte, NC
April 16, 2014
Ray and Alison brought home their female Timneh at the end of March, and this is what they had to say about their experience...
Nita and Scott made purchasing our Timneh African Grey such an amazing experience from their informative YouTube videos, to their daily photo journals detailing pictures of our baby from her birth up to the day we picked her up. When we arrived they made sure our little girl had everything she needed to adjust to her new home. They went above and beyond even providing us with her favorite weaning pellets, seeds, millet spray and toys, so she would be really comfortable. We immediately were impressed by how well socialized our baby bird was. She loves both of us but also has been extremely friendly to everyone she has met. We have really enjoyed meeting Nita and Scott and know that we can go to them with any questions we may have in the future. They are great people to work with.
Thanks again Nita and Scott
Ray and Alison
Concord NH
Jan. 14, 2014
LeighLon brought Miko home just before Christmas of 2013 and had this to say...
I am so happy that I found NIta online when I was seeking a handfed baby African Grey.  I couldn't have asked for a better, more loving, willing to help and educate breeder than Nita!  She has been amazing and in turn I have a wonderful bird that is a joy to have in my home!  I have had Miko for nearly a month and it is clear how important those early days are and what a wonderful job Nita did with him.  He is a gentle, smart, fun pet and I am so excited to have welcomed him into my family.  Also Nita is always there no matter what the question or concern to guide me on this journey.  I truly couldn't have asked for a better experience or a better bird!                         
LeighLon Anderson
May 26, 2013
I have had such a fabulous experience doing business with Nita. From day one, Nita has been honest and very helpful with any questions I've had. She is a wealth of knowledge! There isn't a doubt in my mind that Nita loves and cares for each one of the kids with all her heart! Watching Ilyas grow from an egg to a "big boy"  via Nita's daily clutch diary was amazing! I am so thankful that she does that! Ilyas has been with us two weeks now and it is like he has always been in the family! He is so loving and out going, we couldn't be happier with him! If I ever had the desire, I would gladly adopt another bird from Nita knowing that I was bringing home a happy and healthy bird.
Thank you Nita for the love and care you gave Ilyas! He has turned out to be everything we could have hoped for!
H. Morales - Peterborough, N.H.
May 19, 2013
Nathan from Gilford, NH had this to say a week after bringing home Timneh African Grey, Higgins:
He is such a joy to have for all of us. He is eating great. He is mumbling alot and i'm sure he is practicing words in his head for later. ;) Per Dr. Duttons advice, I am going to begin incorporating some "captive foraging" into his diet regimen. This seems to be great for parrots and especially Greys. He loves habanero peppers and sweet potato! While sitting on the couch he seems to like to nuzzle and nap right by my neck. Haha. I built him a nice tabletop natural branch play gym so he can hang out with us in the family room while we are watching tv. He loves it.
First of all, Kudos to Nita and Scott for the job they do with their birds.  They have an obvious affinity for birds and put that into action with the young birds they raise.  We got Hondo home in late June and to my amazement he didn't miss a beat.  He ate and ate and ate, as a matter of fact he's eating right now!   He was very amenable to all the strange eyes upon him (young kids) even though he was in a new environment.  We were able to handle him from the moment he came home, with a reach in the cage and an "up" command he was in his new digs checking them out. Hondo's demeanor is very calm and cool, so far he's open to anyone willing to give him some attention whether they are a strange or familiar face.  My two year old daughter loves to pet him, while my five year old son loves feeding him the soaked weaning pellets.   No biting at all, he's fine if he's in his cage or out, and is just overall a great family pet.
We could not be happier with stumbling upon Nita and Scott in the Mountains of New Hampshire via the internet. Anyone in the market for a wonderful pet raised in a nurturing environment then have no hesitation contacting Nita's Nest!
The Ryan's
Wareham, MA
Dear Nita,
First of all I want to thank you for everything! You have been absolutely incredible the entire process!!! Kody is doing absolutely wonderful! He is doing great, eating well, and extremely friendly. I thought he was going to be a bit overwhelmed with our big family but he’s not at all. The Vet was pleasantly surprised how well his behavior was. Again we can’t possibly thank you enough!!! Please feel free to contact me for updates whenever you like!!
Thank you,
Marleni Muniz          N.J.
Hi Nita,
I just wanted to send you a note of appreciation for all of the time you spent ensuring that Dante would become the great pet that he is.  He is healthy and very well adjusted.  Our vet was impressed with his demeanor as well.  I was concerned that he may not handle coming into a house with two small dogs and a cat well but he has not become frazzled even once.  The other curious pets do not impress Dante nearly as much as he impresses them. lol.  Dante has settled right into his schedule here with a daily shower, foraging for favorite treats and cuddling in a blanket every night with me before going to bed on his own..  I have had other smaller hook bills in the past and none have been as sweet as Dante is.  I know that this is due solely to your hard work and dedicated care in the early days of his life.
Jean-Marie & Aaron Beauchemin
4/20/11        From Jeni F. in Farmington, NH...
Nita has been great right from the start of the purchasing process. She replies to emails super quick and is always helpful. Buying food for a first time bird owner is overwhelming to say the least. She guided us through what would make Earl the healthiest bird possible. The daily blog makes waiting for your baby to grow up so fun. All my friends were even checking it keeping tabs on our Baby Earl. The entire family was super helpful and I'm still picking her brain when I have questions and she happily replies with the best information she has and we really appreciate it. Her pricing is WELL under pet stores and you know the birds are getting better care in her home then in a pet store. Nita has been asking us for photos and videos of Earl, this just shows us that she really cares about animals and does it because of passion, not because of money, and this is important! Our Earl is a bundle of personality and we're thankful for having a wonderful experience bringing a bird into our household, all thanks to Nita and her wonderful family.


From Linda S. in Manchester, NH...
For over three years I have been reading about Timneh African Grey parrots, knowing that eventually
I would bring one into my life. It was a lucky day for me when I saw an old ad of yours on the Birds of a Feather website and contacted you just in case you might have any babies. You did and now Kirby has become the bird of my dreams. The time and effort you spent in hand feeding, nurturing and desensitizing him to change made his transition to my home effortless. He has adjusted beautifully. His vet was very impressed with his easy going, self-assured nature.
Again, thank you for everything you did. I know that Kirby and I will have a long and happy life together thanks in great part to the caring start you provided.
3/21/10 from Kathleen in Manchester, NH...
Dear Nita!
I can't thank you enough for all of your support and guidance throughout my process of selecting the perfect bird, Xena,  to add to my family.  Your patience, kindness and knowledge helped me greatly in this very important decision to welcome an African Grey into my life.  From the moment I discovered your website, where you meticulously document every clutch in their growth and development, to the many emails back and forth where you provided such a wealth of information, to the visits with my new baby, this has truly been an incredible experience.
Xena is such a sweet girl!  She travelled very well to her new home and the Vet was very impressed with how well we had already bonded.  She has adjusted so well to her new environment, it is as if she has always known this as her home.  She is such a love, loves being cuddled and having her neck, head and back rubbed and even falls asleep in the crook of my arm, all the while my two dogs are in the background trying to figure her out.  I'm surprised at how they don't seem to phase her in the least, she has such a calm temperament! She is eating very well and ate like a little pig today.  She seems to love the veggie rice and bean mix that you gave me the recipe for.  I have been enjoying watching her explore her swings, and her toys and she always lets me know when she wants to come out of her cage, which is every time I approach it! I know I will have questions along the way, and I find great comfort in knowing that you are only an email away and will continue to offer your support and guidance, and to that I am truly grateful!!
Thanks so much for giving Xena the loving nurturing environment that has helped her develop into the little love that she has become!
Warm Regards,
I can't thank you enough for Max. He is so beautiful and well behaved.  He loves to just sit with me and play with his toys.  He makes a wonderful addition to our family and my wife Cinthia loves him so much too, In fact Max was the first Parrot she had ever held !   The vet was amazed what a good boy he is.   I would also like to say that you and Scott are some of the nicest people I have ever met. Seeing how you take care of your birds served as an inspiration to me.   It will be fun to see when Max meets Cheech our 11 year old Rainbow Lory.   He seemed to bond to me  right off the bat and here is a great video of Max and I on his second day with me in our home.
Rhode Island
8/14/09 - From Wendy in Pittsfield, NH...
The birds are gorgeous. Thank you very much. I cannot wait until you have more Gould for sale. That was a beautiful ride too :o)
From Charlene in Maine, (Timneh Grey) Lucy's new "mom"...
6/21/09 -The day after Lucy went home...
Oh Nita!  I love my baby more than I ever would have imagined!  This bird is the most sweetest, loving child in the whole wide world!
When we finally got home, you were right.  The minute I opened that door we became the best buds.  She kept giving me kisses and cooing the whole time!  As I was hand feeding her, she would put her head down to be scratched.  I am able to scratch her head, neck and pat her back without so much of a growl or a nip.  She was sitting on the top of her cage and I was standing approx 5 feet away talking to her.  The next thing I know she is in flight coming right towards me!  I held up my hand and she landed on it as though this has been rehearsed a million times.
She is eating like a little pig.  She has had some of her rice/bean/ veggie mixture and chowed it down as if she hasn't eaten in days.  She does not like blueberries or asparagus but loves Cheese-Its! 
It was such a pleasure to meet you and Scott.  You are both wonderful people and it is displayed in your babies.  Thank you so much for giving me the privilege of owning one of them.
You will be hearing from me and I welcome hearing from you.
And the next day...
My two sons came over to meet the newest member of the family, as well as my 13 yr old nephew, 10 yr old niece, and Roger's 12 yr old grandson.  Lucy was so darn sweet that she had everyone eating out of her hand (yes, another pun).  She never growled or bit, allowed everyone to pet her and hold her and was nothing short of a perfect little lady.  To think that I was concerned that she would be overwhelmed and nervous!  Ha!  She ate this attention up like they were her veggies!
And two days later...
Lucy is doing fabulous!!  What a dream bird she is :)  I keep telling her all the time how she is the coolest bird in the world.  She knows what I am saying because she will start cocking her head and twisting her neck and making cute little cooing sounds.  She is so animated and happy!  She just makes me laugh no matter how bad my day could be going.  I love her so much.
A day later...
She is eating well.  As a matter of fact we just had breakfast together again, just her and I.  I don't get to spend as much time with her as you had but we make the very most of what we have.  She loves dry toast and cereal and especially hash brown potatoes cut into little cubes.  She enjoys baby carrots, watermelon, and of course apples.  She is not a picky eater, that's for sure!  It seems whatever is going in my mouth is good enough for her!
And almost a week after bringing Lucy home...
Oh Nita! I can't believe it has almost been a week since I brought Lucy home. This little beauty continues to surprise me with all of her antics and personality! She is so amazing! Without any question, she is the very best decision I have made (ok, I have to mention marrying Roger or there would be hell to pay)!
We have bonded so well. I can't wait to spend time with her and it appears the feelings are mutual. She just coos and whistles and snuggles the whole time. Who would want a dog when you can have such a wonderful companion like her?
She even lets me rub her belly and scratch under her wings, trusting me completely. The credit can only come from her 1st mom who taught her love and trust. Thanks to you, Nita, I have a companion I can love for the rest of my life.
Please, don't consider this as a business deal. I would love for us to remain in contact for a long time to come. Please email and inquire about Lucy as often as you would like. I will always need your advice.
To those of you that were disappointed that you weren't able to add Lucy to your life, you can see that she has a wonderful home and is doing fabulously.  I only wish I'd had a couple more just like her to make you all as happy as her new Mom. 
May 23, 2009         (from the new owner of Olive, a timneh grey female)
What a great weekend!!  It was a pleasure to finally meet you and Scott on Saturday!  We arrived home safe and sound and Olive seems to be fitting into her new home quite nicely.  Olive is home to stay!!!
When I finally decided that I wanted an African Grey I started looking for a breeder on the web.  When I found your site I couldn't believe how well you documented each clutch (there were 2 clutches at that time) with words, pictures and videos. After reviewing it all for a long time, I decided I would definitely purchase a bird from you.  You had one baby left from your first clutch of Timneh Greys but after contacting you I found that he was already taken but that you had two girls from the second clutch and one of them would be available.  I can't tell you how happy I was when I received your email telling me that she was mine.  For the next 6-7 weeks I watched, via photos and videos that you so thoughtfully provide, my little girl growing up, learning new behaviors and going through the weaning process.  I really believe that being able to watch Olive go from hatchling through weaning helped me to feel as if I knew her before I actually met her in person.  In fact, I felt like I knew you and your family, too. The videos and pictures also show us how hard you work to produce a bird that is intelligent, tame and loving. Honestly, I couldn't ask for a better companion than Olive.
During her first vet visit the vet was very impressed with Olive's diet. She said that most new bird owners don't realize parrots need fresh healthy foods as well as pellets and seed mixes.  I told her I had you to thank for offering Olive such a variety of healthy foods during weaning.  In fact, everything you provided the food packets, the written info to start off right, her DNA and Hatch certificates, and the toys (even the spoon!!) was certainly more than I expected and really helped to get Olive and me off to a great start. As I said, I knew when I found you online that I would buy a bird from you.  I was not disappointed!
I can't tell you how happy I've been with this whole experience. I wasn't sure I could stand to wait through the weeks long weaning process.  That you kept me updated through videos, pictures and emails (thanks for putting up with all my questions!!) made me feel like I was part of the whole experience.  I feel so lucky to have Olive and in knowing that I can rely on you for any questions that arise.  I've learned more about Greys, and birds in general, since I first contacted you in early March. Now that Olive is here I'm sure the learning has only just begun.
Thank you so much!
Alex                Framingham, Ma.
March 30, 2009
We purchased a baby Timneh from Nita on March 28th.  When we arrived at Nita's home to see him, we were amazed at how social he was, we knew right away he was the one we had been looking for.  She has done such a wonderful job raising these babies.  He has settled into his new home with no problems at all.  He loves to be out of his cage and to socialize with all of us, even my 5 year old.  He is so gentle. He had his first vet visit today and the vet was also amazed at how wonderful he was.  She commented that the person who hand fed him did an outstanding job.  He has quickly become part of our family and we already feel like he has been here forever.  We cannot thank Nita enough for the love and devotion she has given our little guy. Because of this, he is going to be a complete joy and love of our lives.  Thanks so much.
Lisa Wentzell
Hudson, NH
March 21, 2009
Charlie Byrd has quickly become an important member of our household.  He is a sweet bird and a laugh riot.  We're having a lot of fun. 
It took us about 14 hours to get home after picking Charlie up from you and he was great the whole time.  It was a new experience and he was fascinated, especially with the big trucks.
The vet was impressed at how well socialized he was and urged me to continue following your lead in exposing him to a lot of different things.  I told him about how you rotated he and his brothers in different cages and I don't think he'd ever heard of that being done before but thought it a clever idea.
I knew you were the person to get a bird from after looking at your website.  I could tell you were doing a great job with the birds.  I had no idea what a great job you would do turning me into a companion.  I'd had no experience with birds before buying this beautiful, playful timneh grey.  From Day One Charlie and I have gotten along great.  He trusts me and without your help and care in raising him and advising me I doubt things could have been so easygoing. 
Thanks for everything.
Keily Levy
Washington, DC
I can't even begin to tell you Thanks for our little Pigeon...   She greets me every morning with chirps and gets soo excited when I come home, and can hardly wait for me to come over and take her out for our evening play time.
The vet gave her a clean bill of health  (i didn't think he would find otherwise),  but thought you would like to know he gave you quite a few compliments in the process of checking her over, and was just amazed at how friendly and curious she was during the visit.      80)
Adrienne, Warren, Ma.
(speaking of  the handfed cockatiel she got from me)
Donna & Paul Thursday, Derry, NH                  3/30/06
We are very happy that we brought our baby from Nita's Nest. She is a very sweet and loving bird. Our little Angel will eat everything and gobbles up her veggies. Right now she is starting to talk and we have only had her a few weeks. She is such a wonderful addition to our home.
E-mail:  dpkdobe3@comcast.net
Hi Nita,
As you know, Robbie was my second Meyer's parrot, both of which I was fortunate enough to adopt from you. Licia is distinctly independent and a real "companion" at the same time.  You were very honest when you told me not to expect her to talk.  Who knew she would end up as a VERY appropriate talker!? Robbie is the ideal sweet bird..He is a total joy..goes to everyone and offers kisses. Licia is the life of all my parties, not shy or retreating in any way, and truly loves to see people. They both have superb appetites and will eat anything offered, thanks to your early weaning and feeding skills..it makes it that much more fun for me to cook and know that some of it is for them! Thanks for all of the advice and help you have offered to me..it has made the difference between owning a bird and living with GREAT companions. Licia just asked me "What are ya doing Sweety?" And you know her other phrases..  "Where's my doggies?"  "Is that nice?"  "Reese..what are ya doin?" And as you know..my personal favorite..is "hey Nice (her name for me) gimme a kiss!"
Thanks so much for the great birds you have shared with me. They are a tribute to all of your hard work and concern for their well being.
Bryan Conti               R.I.
Thank you so much for Feliz. She is everything I wished for when I began my search for a Meyers Parrot (a search that lasted nearly a year). She is so happy, secure, healthy, bright, loving, and so much fun! Only a perfect beginning in life can create such a well-adjusted, friendly, and, yes, mischievous youngster. I LOVE HER!!!
Sara Z, Vermont
Update from Bryan...
Jan. '05
Nita, It's  now about 6 months since Licia came to live with us... I am AMAZED at the bird you raised..I'd also like to thank you for the advice and support that has made her a "stand-out" in our home.  She seems to enjoy my parties more than I do! And you know from my e-mails how much she is admired here. But the truly amazing thing is her speech...  these little guys are underestimated when it comes to that. She is so talkative,and her laugh (which may be "Yours") is so infectious!!!
Thanks again for everything,
Nov. 22, 2004
Hi Nita,
I just wanted to let you know how Casey is doing. First I would like to thank you for giving me such a calm and well adjusted bird. Casey was out and going to everyone the first night home and that was after a six hour drive, (he was well worth the 12 hour drive).You can tell he was very well socialized. He eats everything, which is a real pleasure.
Thanks again,
Jody,  New Jersey
Nov. 18, 2004
Speaking about "Cricket", the female handfed meyers she had just added to her family:
She has bonded with me very quickly. Anytime I put her down she wants me to pick her right back up or she flies to me.  She chirps in my ear too :)  She has even gone to everyone in my whole family...her choice!  She seems to like the kids quite well too.  You did a wonderful job with her, thanks! 
Denise U.
Derry, NH
Dear Nita,
I don't really know where to begin to say "Thanks" for your patience and great guidance in bringing Licia and I together. All of your concern both for myself and for her has paid off wonderfully well. And I truly appreciate the supprt offered since she has come to my home... it made me a better Dad.
She joined my home a little over two weeks ago and I can't recall life without her. All the time and effort you and Scott and your son spent socialising her has certainly been my gain.
I entertain frequently,she has fallen into the routine of the house, she seems very interested in the new folks she meets and is great at her "step-ups," that she does when "bird people" come to see her.
She is in total charge of my two Cocker Spaniels, whistles for them, they come and she throws apple to them... seems to amuse her,it certainly does me! She is a great eater as well, seems to like everything offered, though macaroni and eggs are her favorite :-)
She is attempting to say her name, and has been for about 5-6 days; "Li-ah" , I can't wait for her to add the middle! She is a game little bird, a lot of fun to have around, and again, I would just like to offer my sincere "Thank you." for letting her come to live with me.
Bryan Conti,
Cranston, R.I.
May 13, 04
Thought you might like to hear how the African Princess is doing. In a word, beautifully! She appears completely comfortable and settled-in. I must commend you on her eating habits, she'll try everything she's given, including some she's not. Right now she is happily chowing down some sprouts (from China Prairie). Her weight holds steady, between 98 and 102. She is so full of life. I can see she is not going to be a couch potato in her "mature years", heehee.
D. Clark                Maine
I picked up Lucas from Nita at her home and was introduced to a wonderful, happy and very tame Myers parrot, who had no hesitation in jumping on my finger. Nita obviously did a GREAT job in handraising Lucas and he is very comfortable with hands, people and visitors. I have had parrots in the past, but I have never had the privilege of owning such a well-adjusted, even-tempered, friendly and fun-loving bird.  Nita has done a wonderful job raising Lucas and I would highly recommend adopting one of Nita's parrots! Given that a parrot can be living with you for decades, it is so important to get a good start together!
Edward Goodman                     Boston, Ma.
I just wanted to send a note of thanks for the Gouldian's I picked up from you.  All are doing great, they are a joy to watch and listen to the Male's songs.  When I was searching the net for a local breeder I was impressed with your website and Basic Care Guide on-line and after visiting your house and seeing how calm the finches and parrots were, I could tell they were all taken great care of.  I had never walked into a breeder bird room and not hear the birds start screaming.  It took all of a week until I went back up and bought the rest!  It was a pleasure doing business with you.
Thanks again, Chris Nye, 
New Hampshire 
Cindy Dore
Wednesday, 9/10/03, 9:46 AM
I brought home one of your Meyer's this past Sunday - here it is Wednesday and Max has said "What" on Monday and "Up" today. He is calm and LOVES to be petted down his head and back. He eats EVERYTHING and is fascinated with everything. He tends to have a calming effect on me! I have 4 dogs and he doesn't hesitate to show them that HE is going to be the boss over them! I also have a parakeet and on the first day here they were cheaping back and forth to each other. Some birds you have to practically drag out of their cage to spend time with them but not Max - open the cage door and either he's trying to come out to play or he's on your arm waiting for his "ride" out of the cage! His personality is NOT just thanks to him and/or his parents - the personality is also shaped by the breeder and Nita, you did a GREAT job - you did GOOD!
From: Massachusetts

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