Nita's Nest - Cats We Have Owned
Maxwell Pussyboots Golden
came to live with us as a  present
for my son on his 7th birthday.
Being a "bird person" all my life,
it was a tough decision on my part
but one that I was happy we made.

Max was born March 21, 1993
Put to sleep March 27, 2001
Nigel was the second addition
to our cat family.

He was a bottle-fed kitty
and was more like a dog than a cat.

Nigel was born June 27, 1995
Put to sleep May 9, 2003
Gracie was the last feline addition.

She was a tiny kitten from a way too-young mother - herself little more than a kitten.
Gracie was born May 21, 1998

After we had to have Nigel put to sleep,
I decided that with the birds we would no longer have cats.  I found the perfect home for Gracie with a lady who had recently lost her very aged cat.
Gracie is a very active part of her household and they are a Godsend to each other.
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