Nita's Nest - Dolly the Pom
Dolly is a purebred Pomeranian that came to live with us on February 6th, 2000.  A friend who works long hours was looking for a home for her where she would have company all day.   Since I'm usually home, and we had 3 other poms, 3 cats, and all the birds, our home was a perfect match!

Dolly was born on April 13, 1995.  Her registered name is Primetime Chip's Parti Girl.  She's a little sweetie, and it amazed me how fast she found her spot in our home.
Dolly relaxing on couch
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Dolly is now the lone pom of the house.
Teddy was the last to be put to sleep and while I miss him terribly, Dolly has really taken over my heart since he's been gone.  She is more affectionate and really seems to thrive as an "only dog" now.
Picture taken 9/12/09
Still a pretty girl even at 14 years old!
Dolly lost her "only dog" status on August 26th of 2009,
when SPOT came to live with us.