Nita's Nest - Memorial to Maxwell Pussyboots Golden
In Loving Memory...
Maxwell Pussyboots Golden
3/21/1993 - 3/27/2001
Max was the first cat we had.  He was a gift to my son on his 7th birthday, and was always Alex's cat more than a family cat. 

When his health began declining, we brought him to the vets and found out he had diabetes. 
The probability was high that he had another problem as well. 

We made the decision to let him go, peacefully and quickly, and stayed with him till the end.

A tough thing to do, and many tears followed.

We believe Max is in a better place.
A friend told me to think of him as
"rubbing at God's ankles now."
What a lovely thought.
Rest in peace, Max.
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