Nita's Nest - Meyer's Diary
Chronicle of a typical handfed meyers parrot
born  Dec. 15, 2005
First pic of the new meyers baby,
taken 12/22/05 at one week old.
A second baby hatched when this one was eight days old.  The difference in size was of course extreme, and I was torn between letting nature take its course and pulling one of the kids or both.  In the end, I did nothing.  The new baby died later the next day, and of course then I kicked myself for not having pulled him.  I had felt the parents should have the opportunity, since they were doing so well with the one baby.  Also, I really didn't want to begin feeding this kid till after Christmas, because I had planned on taking down the tree immediately after Christmas and moving Moxie into it's place in the living room, which would give me the space to pull this kid.  Also I happened to know that Santa was bringing me a brooder and I wanted to wait for that.
This is the brooder I got for Christmas.
It's called an Aviquarium and is designed to fit on a 10-gallon aquarium.  It has a heat sensor that goes inside and a thermostat that you set on the outside.  I set it to keep the temp at about 80 degrees and it seems to do a good job of it.  Much better than a heating pad!
December 27, 2005
Baby is 12 days old and is 30 grams at his first weigh-in.
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December 28, 2005
13 days old, 32 grams
He is being fed 5 times per day beginning at
7 AM and ending at 11 PM.
Dec. 29, 2005
2 weeks old
36 grams
feedings to
6 times per
day.  After
Moxie, it seems like a piece of cake!
December 30, 2005
15 days old
38 grams

This kid has a habit of lying flat out in the brooder, wings out to the sides, with the result of scaring me to death!
I tap the glass and he startles and I breathe a sigh of relief.  :)
December 31, 2005
16 days old and 38 grams
Becoming a real cutie!
January 1, 2006
17 days old; 40 grams
Definitely an enthusiastic eater!
January 2, 2006
18 days old; 46 grams
The picture of contentment.
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Jan. 3, '06
19 days
50 grams

January 4, 2006
20 days old, 54 grams
January 5, 2006
3 weeks old!
60 grams

This little guy is doing great!
January 6, 2006
22 days old
64 grams

He's a handful now.