I got this pair of blue parrotlets on July 21, 2014.  The male is supposed to be about a year old and the hen about 2.  While in quarantine, they are mating daily and I think they may like to go to nest soon.  I look forward to handfeeding!
Update!  First chick hatched 10/7/14!
Blue Parrotlets' First Clutch
Blue Parrotlets' Second Clutch
Blue Parrotlets' Third Clutch
Blue Parrotlets' 6th Clutch
Blue Parrotlets' Clutch Jan. 2018
In May of 2015 I had the chance to add a couple more pairs of parrotlets.
The above pair are pied, and I'm very excited to see what their babies will be like!
The pied pair only had one chick hatch with their first clutch, but their second clutch was better, with three kids.  
I ended up losing the hen from this pair, and they never really did very well as parents, either.  I kept one of my kids, a blue female #107AG, to pair with the male.  Hopefully they will do ok as a pair.
This is the pied male with his new lady, a blue hen from my blue pair.
This is the second new pair, above.
The male, on the right, is a dilute turquoise as far as I can tell.
In certain light conditions, the hen looks like a turquoise.
Again, it will be exciting to see what the kids look like!
Update on this pair: They did ok the first year, but have not gone to nest since. Neither are banded and I'm wondering if they may be a bit older than I was told.  Could be they are through with breeding at this point.  I was told they were born in 2012 (the hen) and 2013 (the male), and as it is now 2017 they are at least 4 and 5 years old, which would already put them at the end of their best breeding.  If they are a year older, their reluctance to go to nest again would be understandable.
As of June 4th, all three pair are set up in the birdroom in large cages with
nestboxes attached, so with any luck I will have babies in the next few months.
I will post updates as things develop! 
First Clutch
In 2015 I kept a male blue from my blue pair at top (#03AG'15, born 7/9/15) and a female turquoise from the pair directly above (#12AG'15, born 7/11/15).  They were handfed at the same time and kept together, so they bonded really well.  They had kids for me a year later and were good parents.
One of their Clutches, hatched Feb. 2017 
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