Nita's Nest - Pom Pom & Teddy
These are Samson's parents:  Pom Pom (left) and Teddy (right).  The lady I bought Samson from called me in July of '99 to ask me if I was interested in taking them because she was moving and unable to keep them.  After much soul-searching and a nudge from my hubby, I said yes.  We picked them up on August 2nd of 1999.
This is one of the first pix taken of them here in their new home.
Pom Pom is quite the little lady.  If you look up "lap dog" in the dictionary, you could easily find her picture there!  She is very sweet and loving. 
She weighs about 5 pounds and was born 6/30/90.
Teddy is also a sweetie.  He wants so much to please.  He will fix his eyes on you and the love in them just radiates out. 
He was born on 3/22/95

Samson seems to have inherited his Dad's tender skin, as well as his body type.  While not as much of a "fat boy" as Samson, Teddy could also stand to lose a pound or two!
Pommy and Teddy have become part of the family very quickly.  It took a while for Sammy to have anything to do with them, but they are now sleeping a lot closer on the couch, and there is a bit of mutual face-licking going on, too!

I'm very glad we took Pom Pom and Teddy.   They are wonderful little dogs,and it already seems as if they've always been here. 

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