aka Spot
DOB June 22, 2009
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Anita M. Golden
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I was sent a picture of some Chihuahuas born in June of 2009,
and  one particular little pup stood out.
This is the picture that first caused me to single this pup out of the pack:
Can you pick him out?  Right in front of his Mom's front paws, with a spot on his head and a spot on his rump, and a little black heart shape there as well.
Is he not the cutest puppy that ever lived????
Remember the old Dick and Jane and Spot books that many of us used when learning to read back in the 60's?
I dubbed him Spot when I saw this picture, and Spot he remained.

When I saw this picture later, I was totally smitten with this puppy.
What a doll!
This picture, taken July 13, 2009, became my desktop picture
and remained there for several months.
I hadn't planned to get another dog until Dolly had passed to the Rainbow Bridge, so when Spot was offered to me I was really torn.
On August 26th, at 8 weeks old, I first met Spot in person, and once I'd held that soft little bundle there was no doubt in my mind that he was my new baby.
Thank you, Mike & Shane!
He's happy on Mama's lap on his first day home.
Here he is a few days later with a furry beaver that Alex got him.
It's bigger around than he is!
Spot with his family
(above) with Mom; (right) with his brother; and (below) with Dad
Spot's ears have really perked up and opened up to these huge satellite dish ears that would make a bat jealous!

He also has what I call
"business paws" because that's exactly how they strike me. 
No fluffy, prissy paws for Spot.  His paws mean business!

We are trying to train Spot to an indoor litter box system
called UGODog.  If we can make it work, it will keep him from going outside in the snow or rain, which I'm sure he will greatly appreciate.