Nita's Nest - White Capped Pionus, Tommy-Girl
"Tommy" came to live here as part of a trade on 6/24/00.
We were told he was a 3-year-old male.
He was tame with his former owner, but would have nothing to do with us when he first came here.
I gave him his space, and in about a month he showed me he was ready to make friends.
From that point on, he's been a wonderful bird with me and my son, though he never really made friends with my husband.
After Tommy had been here about six months, "he" began showing some behavior that looked decidedly female.  Lots of swaying back and forth with tail up, accompanied by a lot of odd noises.  So I took a blood sample and had DNA sexing done. 
Sure enough, Tommy became Tommy-Girl.

I have been trying to find a male for her ever since, but have not been able to locate one near enough so that no shipping is required.  Still looking, though.
In the meantime, T.G. is in a large cage with lots of toys and comes out for attention daily.  She'd really like a mate, but is also pretty happy with human attention.
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2003: I never could find a male for her, so Tommy-Girl was sold to a lady who wanted a pet.    Last I heard, they were both happy with each other.  :)
In January of 2013, TommyGirl's owner was no longer able to keep her, so after nine years away she has come back home.  It's as if she never left.  She's even in the same exact spot in the living room that she occupied all those years ago, and I think she remembers the room as well as us.  She's also still acting the "hornball" so I am again looking for a mate for her.  :)
TommyGirl went back to her previous owner later in 2013.  I was getting a little weary of all her hornball action, LOL, and her previous owner had enough of a "break" from it to welcome her back home.  I still wish I was able to find a male for her, as I've never seen a hen that wanted to breed as badly as TG.